The Stiff and the Dead

**Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links I have recently finished reading the book, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, by Mary Roach . Not for the squeemish or strongly empathetic, this book has many ...errr...graphic details that may be upsetting to some. Others, who can take a more scientific view of the subject will… Continue reading The Stiff and the Dead


Strength and Lust

So one day I was doing a reading and found these two paired together. On this occasion, it was the Thoth deck being used so we have the 9 of wands (Strength) and Lust (Strength). To me, these seem to definitely be supporting each other indicating great fortitude in the person or matter. What do you… Continue reading Strength and Lust

Inability To Will

One might think it easy. You either desire to do something or you don't. All the self help books out there give their simple "follow these steps and you will succeed" mantras without giving thought to whether the individual is capable of completing the steps to fruition. Ever wonder why some seem to have no problem… Continue reading Inability To Will

Subjectivity and Science In a Big Head

Subjectivity and scientific approaches have been both debated and ignored in various magic and occult groups, forums, websites ever since Western Tradition began. (Maybe even before but in Eastern Philosophy that I have read about, magic and mysticism are so ingrained that I don't see too many from those cultures asking how or why this or that method… Continue reading Subjectivity and Science In a Big Head